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We greet you with the warmest hospitality.

The largest hot spring resort hotel in Lake Hamana.
A buffet with over 50 freshly prepared courses.
Natural hot springs where you can relax in peace.
Rooms are ready for guests of any persuasion,
with views of either Lake Hamana or our gardens.


Healthy Gourmet Buffet “Lupinus”

Buffet style restaurant
At Lupinus, you can enjoy a variety of delicious and healthy foods, including fresh food made right before you, healthy foods made with locally grown vegetables, and authentic sweets handmade by patisseries.

Japanese Dining “Hanaougi”

A fine dining establishment serving Japanese modern “kaiseki” cuisine.
Take your choice of luxurious Japanese modern “kaiseki” cuisine and main dishes cooked on iron plates.


In Hanasaki no Yu, the largest onsen facility in Shizuoka Prefecture, you can leisurely enjoy the many benefits of a natural onsen.

Treat your body and skin with natural onsen water.
Here you can enjoy 25 different onsen baths, such as the four seasons in the gardens of the cypress bath, or the rustic scenery surrounding the large open air bath.
Settle in, relax, and enjoy your time at Hanasaki no Yu.

Hanasaki no Yu Interior
Hinoka no Yu

Hanasaki no Yu Interior
Shakkei no Yu

Hanasaki no Yu Interior
Daidarabotchi no Yu

Open air bath for overnight guests only
Hitotoki no Yu

Guest Rooms

Peaceful private time, from the moment you open the door.

8 floor guest rooms overlooking the beautiful scenery of Lake Hamana [Sky Court]

Traditional Japanese Style
Refreshing and wide open lake view rooms. Take a break from everyday life in your relaxing Japanese style rooms.
●For 1-4 guests ●34.3㎡ ●Attached bathroom and toilet ●38 rooms(16 smoking, 22 non-smoking) ●Wi-Fi in all rooms

Relax your body and mind in utmost comfort, breathing the fresh, natural air. [Garden Court]

Modern Japanese Style [2F]
Ryukyu tatami mats and low beds.
Relax in modern Japanese style on tatami mats.
●For 1-4 guests ●35.4㎡ ●Twin low bed + mattress + sofa bed ●Attached shower room and toilet ●16 rooms(all non-smoking) ●Wi-Fi in all rooms
Japanese-Western Style [3F]
●For 1-4 guests ●Japanese room + twin bedroom(35.3㎡) ●Attached shower room and toilet ●Balcony overlooking the garden ●20 rooms(all smoking) ●Wi-Fi in all rooms
Western Style [4F]
●For 1-4 guests ●35.4㎡ ●Twin bed + convertible bed + sofa bed ●Attached shower room and toilet ●Balcony overlooking the garden ●20 rooms(all non-smoking) ●Wi-Fi in all rooms


Welcome to Lake Hamana

Lake Hamana is situated right about at the center of the Japanese archipelago. It offers the full flavor of all four seasons. Kanzanji Onsen is a one-of-a-kind place to experience it, with a gentle atmosphere and beautiful views which earn it the nickname of “the inner parlor of Enshu.”

Entetsu Resort Hotel Wellseason Hamanako
Hamanako Kanzanji Onsen

1891 Kanzanji-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 431-1209, Japan  
For reservations and inquiries, call:053-487-1111
Enjoy the lakefront, and revel in what the four seasons have to offer. The artistic scenery of the flowers and trees, the dance of wind and light… the drama of unending nature and emotion will draw you back again and again.
Certificate of Excellence トリップアドバイザー
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